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How to Link Google+ page and website

Linking your website with Google+ page made certain difference in Google SERP and as well you will get authority to your website.

Linked website with Google+ page is looks like image below.

Link your website

Steps Link to your website

1. You should have Google+ as your page(Business Page) not personal profile page

2. Click Profile button from the left tab and click edit profile

3. In the about tab click Link Website button, next to your website URL. If you have not include your website URL you must include it to see Link website Button.

4. If the website is linked with webmaster tool you will get a message to verify the link. So you should click approve.

Link your website

Webmaster message is looked like below

******* has sent you a request to link to the Plus1Followers Google+ page.


Linking a Google+ page to a website not only helps build relationships with friends and followers, but also makes a page eligible to show up on the right-hand side of search for relevant queries which may make the page more discoverable. Learn more


Recommended action

Approve or reject this request.

 Once after approving you can see the link in Associates
Webmaster associates



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